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1. Produce and market the quality products and provide the customer with satisfactory service.
2. Operate the business with bringing profitable corporate revenue endurably.
3. Fairly treat the customers, the employees, the shareholders and the relevant parties.
4. Enrich life quality of the employees.
5. Support and participate in social contributions.

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 R-22 Compressor
  • RH series
  • PH series
  • NH series
  • TH series
Image R-407C Compressor
  • RE series
  • PE series
  • NE series

 R-410A Compressor
  • RN series
  • NN series
Image Ultra Tropical Compressor
  • RHT series
  • PHT series
  • NHT series
  • NHJ series
 is the state-of-the air compressor innovation which is carefully designed to be superior than Imageother scroll engineering. Under the modern technology of Mitsubishi Electric, aiming for the energy saving and the reliability of the compressor, the sophisticated Frame Compliance Mechanism is developed. It enhances the compressor efficiency and justifies the thrust force to the suitable level thus reducing the excessive energy and weariness. This creation brings about the most advanced scroll technology which ensures the highest efficient compressor existing in today market place.
Inverter-driven systems can promote maximum compressor efficiency in term of smooth operation. The system can detect subtle fluctuations in temperatures and adjust its capacity output automatically which lead to constant stable temperature while minimizing power consumption and promoting humidity control.

Inverter system can control over room temperature to deliver appropriate capacity which is smart technology that can suitably match cooling and heating performance with operating requirements at specific location so the system can ensure that a room will be never too hot or too cold.

Conventional compressor operate at a fixed speed with on and off repetitively, on the other hand, inverter compressor has controller which can control power output to fit with variable operating environment as well.

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