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Business Principle
1. Produce and market the quality products and provide the customer with satisfactory service.
2. Operate the business with bringing profitable corporate revenue endurably.
3. Fairly treat the customers, the employees, the shareholders and the relevant parties.
4. Enrich life quality of the employees.
5. Support and participate in social contributions.

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Rotary Compressor
Rotary Compressor

R-22 Compressor
 R-22 Compressor
  • RH series
  • PH series
  • NH series
  • TH series
R-407C Compressor R-407C Compressor
  • RE series
  • PE series
  • NE series

R-410A Compressor
 R-410A Compressor
  • RN series
  • NN series
Ultra Tropical Compressor Ultra Tropical Compressor
  • RHT series
  • PHT series
  • NHT series
  • NHJ series

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