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air conditioning compressors

Air Conditioning

As the Greener Solution Provider, we pledge to design compressors that are both reliable and environmentally friendly. In order to meet the world's current concern, SCI air-conditioning compressors are engineered to perform with a wide range of green refrigerants and product development is reliable as it is derived from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. This is why SCI can roll out new products to satisfy customer's demand continuously.
air conditioning compressors
heating compressors


Embracing the combination of technology and environmental concerns, SCI offers a full inverter compressor line-up for natural R290 heat pumps, as well as a new developing inverter compressor line-up for low GWP R454B heat pumps. A high-efficiency inverter driver is included for better matching. The SCI inverter series is both eco-friendly and high-quality. Our greener solution saves energy and is more environmentally friendly while still providing comfort.
refrigeration compressors


SCI steps up to become a full-ready solution provider for cold chain system. We offer a better testing facility support for refrigeration application in a brand-new lab where fully equipped with modern and large resources to ensure SCI compressors function precisely for customer's unit. Performing as Heart of the Unit, an SCI compressor is a key driving part for low to medium temperature plug-in cabinet & CDU, coming in various types and models. More than 30 years of compressor experience and expertise, SCI is confident to be your potential business partner as well as to become "The Greener Solution Provider".
refrigeration compressors


Production Line

Production Line

SCI has advanced into E-factory format with automation and robotic systems. Production processes communicate via Digital Technology and Internet of Things. These technologies link and integrate our automatic factory with an IT system by a master system that effectively controls and manages everything in the production process.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Section (QA), inspects assembly parts before production, tests compressor lifespan and checks quality in the production line before delivery, to assure trust and confidence in product quality.
Quality Assurance
Research and Development

Research and Development

From SCI's commitment to continuous technological research and development at our Research and Development or R&D Center, that was established to research technologies of the future, we have developed higher efficiency compressors to match customers increasing demand in the future.

Customers Support

Customer Application Support Department (CS) was founded to provide support and consultation in joint product development to obtain products with the highest efficiency, this includes a lab equipped with modern technology for various product testing.
Customers Support



Move forward to be greener solution provider with Energy saving solution and Eco friendly for green and sustainable society.

greener efficiency


  • Increase resource efficiency by circular economy in supply chain
  • Increase product and service efficiency

greener growth


  • Innovation in Product and Service by Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly Solution

greener climate


  • Lower Green House Gas, CO2 Emission
  • Net Zero Supply Chain

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