Sound solution Features

The thermo-acoustic shell compressor or Jacket compressor

acoustic shell replacing noisy into a comfortable-sound environment

With the multi-layer technology. The thermo-acoustic shell helps in noise blocking and absorption, resulting in 10 dBA reduction. The shell is also non-flammable as woven from fire-proof material Ensuring you quieter and safer environment

Noise reduction

Up to 10 dBA

Safer from fire

UL94 V-2

      In the area which have a very low temperature that need the product to control compressor temperature in order to start normally and also work efficiently. SCI Thermoacoustic shell is the solution. More than that, it can reduce compressor sound level by 10 dB.

Sound Solution Model

MODEL Series
SC00G418B06 A
SC00G421B04 D
SC00G241G01 S
SC00G242G01 T
MODEL Series
9G00C105B02 A
9G00C106B02 D
9G00C102G01 S
9G00C103G01 T

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